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PreSchool Parents – Whine and Wine Party

bag and helmet after the rain

Pam and I rode our bikes to the PreSchool Parents – Whine and Wine Party with Lily on the back of my bike. We had a great time but, it got late and a little dark so Pam and Lily got a ride home from one of the parents and I rode home by myself. Then it started to rain. I love riding in the rain, I love riding at night, and the weather was perfect. What a great ride home. Unfortunately, my phone crashed so I couldn’t record the round trip. Instead I just copied the ride out, I took the same ride back.

So that is over 5 miles tonight. Not very many miles but, I did have some fun after work which is really all that counts.

Clicking the map won’t give you details in MapMyRide because it starts and ends too close to my house, therefore it’s private and the details are only shared with friends. You can friend me on MMR if you want.

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