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I’ve always said security guards at retail stores and at commercial buildings are useless

I’ve always said security guards at retail stores and at commercial buildings are useless

Check out this video, Security guards do NOTHING. They don’t even call the police. I guess if you aren’t selling shoes from payless they don’t care.

However, they are always quick to yell at you if you try to take a picture… Grrrr. Hate those rent a cops!

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I grabbed it from UrbanVelo

What would you do?

I once had my bike stolen from inside the building I was working in.

I was on the 3rd floor of a building in New York City on Greene Street in SOHO. Our building had a “guard” at the front door where everyone needed to sign in and out. We also had a freight elevator in the back that another building employee would pick you up and make you sign in/out and would run the elevator for you.

I would be taken me up in the elevator every morning (for a year at that point) with my bike. And my bike wasn’t some off the shelf bike look like every other bike on the planet bike.

I had a totally custom Iron Horse mountain bike. I had stripped all the paint off and covered it in stickers and replaced every part on that bike. You could see me coming from blocks away and it was a very distinctive bike.

So one day I come to work like normal. I took off the front wheel and LOCKED my bike up in the hallway of the office I was working in. Front wheel locked to the frame. I didn’t have enough room by my desk to store my bike. Note: Our company had the ENTIRE floor.

End of the work day and I’m heading out to go home and my bike is gone.

Guard in the front didn’t see anything and the dude with the elevator in the back didn’t see anything either. FUCKERS either were too dumb to do their jobs or stole my bike themselves.

OH I could rant about this for hours…

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