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Ride to Superdawg with Stu

Ride to Superdawg with my new riding buddy Stu.
6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646

Finally got a day under 100 degrees and took full advantage with a ride to Superdawg and back. Met Stu at the Botanical Gardens and rode with him from there and had a superdawg for lunch.

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Never Ending Summer Heat Wave

Say what you will but I have had the best intention of riding every weekend. However, this never ending heat wave is keeping me inside and off the bike and I can feel my waistband expanding. 100+ degree temperatures have become normal and I’m sorry that is too hot for me to enjoy riding.

I have taken a few short bike rides just to do errands which I have not logged here because they were just running errands but, I am so frustrated with this weather.

So, I have started cleaning up my torture chamber (basement bike on a trainer) to be more comfortable and to be a place I can hang out in hopes I will start riding more inside if I can’t ride out.

I really hope we get a nice long autumn.

4th of July Ride – Bailed

Too Hot

I bailed on the 4th of July ride today. I’m not enjoying the organized rides so far. Too much driving for too little in return and today is Soooo HOT!
Temps going up to 98 degrees with a heat index of 115 degrees. They also say it might go higher. 92 degrees when I got up this morning and the picture is the thermometer on our kitchen window @ 1 pm. Thermometer is not in direct sunlight…

Pam and I went out for a drive with Lily today and just spending 15 minutes outside the car walking was oppressive.
No ride today. Thinking I need to get mentally prepared for some basement miles in the coming weeks. This summer is turning out to be way too hot to be enjoyable.


I got the time wrong on this one.
When I registered it said the start time was 9am. The morning of the ride I slept in a little and decided I would sign in @ 10am. Figuring the 9am start was for the those doing the century.
Well when I got there the sign in was closing up. Apparently the time I was given was wrong. The sign in started @ 6am. The admitted the site I registered on was wrong but I was never notified.
Anyway, I was able to sign in and get out and ride but the roads were marked so poorly I missed turns more than twice and ended up just following some other riders back to the beginning. I ended up doing about 30 miles even though I only recorded about 20. I still keep messing up with my Garmin. The UI just is not intuitive and the buttons are so easy to hit while riding…

I am starting to figure out that signup for and driving out to these organized rides isn’t worth it. In Long Island the rides would wind thru towns and by the ocean. You would see different scenery and have BBQ’s, ice cream and fresh pies. Free beer and good entertainment. Riding here in the mid-west all I see on the rides are endless fields that all look the same and for food they have bananas, PB+J, orange slices, and lame cookies… Just doesn’t seem worth the $30 and hour to hour and a half drive each way for that.

On the good side. I felt really strong during this ride. I was able to climb without effort and catch other riders when I wanted to. I really feel my fitness is coming along.

Also word of warning! Those tar lines on the road are Dangerous. They make your bike wobble like you have a wheel out of true or a flat tire. Avoid at all costs.

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BCLC Ramble

So hard to wake up on Sunday Morning. Garmin user error so route got cut into 2. Had mechanical issue with my bike so cut the ride short to avoid damage to derailer/cassette/wheel. Replacing chain this week.

Ride was nice with lots to see and occasional views of the lake. Weather was hot and humid well beyond comfortable . Water became so hot didn’t want to drink it and pouring it over my head and back felt like a hot bath, ewwww right.

I still had a good time and plan on doing it again next year. I might add some details to this post later or then again I might not. Sort of tired tonight and don’t feel much like blogging.

Oh and the top tube bag was a mistake, never again.

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Udder Century Today. I only did 34 miles. I got there late and to be honest I got a little bored. Also the food at the rest stops was not worth the effort. 😉

I did have a good time though. The people were nice, the weather was great and the roads were smooth for the most part. However, with all the open fields the wind was unstoppable with no shelter.

Not sure if I will do this ride again next year.

Next Sunday 31st Annual RAMBLE with Brats ‘N Rubdowns!!!

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