My Life on Bikes

Deerfield Cyclist

Deerfield Cyclist

Me and Cadel Evan.
Day before the Giro Lombardi
in Como Italy.

Independent Artist, Web Monkey and all around Nice Guy Dad with a serious cycling obsession.

My name is David Thompson but online I normally go by the username David 23. I have ridden bicycles all my life doing 50 mile + bike rides when I was 9 years old on a bike with 20″ wheels.

I lived in NYC for many years and enjoy urban cycling and have even done time as a messenger. I am obsessed with Pro Cycling (European Road Racing) and even spent time in Italy riding the Giro Lombardy and Grand Fondo.

I also love doing bike maintenance and have a pretty well equipped bike shop in the garage. Hope to some day go to Oregon and become a certified bike wrench. Until them I dream of the day I can retire and just work on and ride bikes all day and night. Working on Lily’s Bike. Showing my skills! 😉

Now I am a dad living in Deerfield, IL a small part of ChicagoLand close to my wife’s family. I have put on some weight during the move and change of lifestyle and I’m now out on the roads in my new hometown looking to build my fitness and find new places to ride.

I have lost my ability to climb and I am certainly not as fast as I was just 3 years ago when my daughter was born. However, I have not lost my endurance. I can still ride all day.

Racing Bike: Wilier Motorola
Cruiser Bike: Bianchi Torino

Sleeping on the couch with Lily after watching the Tour of Flanders