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Purchased a Bronze Membership account on MapMyRide.


Hopefully, spending money will make me take it more seriously. I am going to use MapMyRide to store and record all my rides (including stationary rides) on a regular basis. In the past I used my Garmin cycling computer and would upload to MapMyRide occasionally but I didn’t take it seriously and to be honest I was lazy about keeping it up to date. Now with the android app it’s automatic. I also like the ability to hand draw a route.

Before all these gps device I loved my cateye cycle computers I thought they were magic. So much better then going back over the ride with your car to record distance and much safer than drafting behind a car to clock my speed. Yes, we use to do that back in the olden days… I still use my Garmin cylcing computer for longer rides. I don’t trust my mobile phone battery to last that long and if I get stuck 50+ miles from home I want my cellphone to have a charge. However, I hate that the Garmin makes me purchase and install maps $99 each. Crazy!!!

In choosing MapMyRide I tested Endomondo and Strava.


  • I do not see a way to download my maps from Endomondo and more importantly I don’t see a way to upload my ride data to Endomondo from my Garmin.

  • I like the cycling interface but it doesn’t have a lot of features that MapMyRide and Endomondo have. Very limited.
  • Sorry Strava. I love your commercials during cycle races but, it’s just not for me.

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